Whitening camera "Beautiful Camera" can make your photos look more beautiful.
When you shoot in a dark room, the subject will not be as beautiful as usual, and a
whitening camera will help you solve the problem.
Not only can you adjust the brightness, tone and details, you can also smooth the skin and
remove spots on the face. Features:
-Take a photo, or an existing photo on your phone
-Compare photo effects before and after processing
-Adjust brightness, tone, smoothness and detail
-Save new image
-Share images with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Email, etc.


This is a native Android system camera application. You can take full advantage of all
thehardware of your phone or tablet to easily take gorgeous and outstanding photos.
main feature:
-3 shooting modes: camera, video recorder and panorama
-Camera and video functions
-Smart panorama shooting
Although there are many camera applications in the current market, we still believe that
thisandroid native application is the most efficient and can meet the needs of users. This is
just asupplement here, to provide an additional option for those devices that do not have
android native system installed.


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